About Neluwa

Neluwa is a rural community in southwest Sri Lanka. Most families work on tea estates as there are few other income opportunities in the local area. Child malnutrition is a major challenge and health centres lack essential facilities. Many children are missing out on the chance to complete their education.

Funds Raised

How your support will help the community

Thank you for supporting the Neluwa community. You are helping to provide the children and families living in Neluwa with the opportunity to fulfil their potential by supporting development work including:

improving school facilities and teacher training;

  • training health workers and improving health facilities;
  • supporting families to develop new income sources and vocational training for young people; and
  • hygiene education and improving water sources.

Welcome to Neluwa

Members of the Neluwa community in Sri Lanka share the challenges they are facing and how together with World Vision they are working to create a brighter future for their children.

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